Welcome to world of VIMY Tea!!

Our passion and desire for the perfect cup of tea, a righteous drink led to the birth of Vimy Tea. We understand how indisputable, superiority, flavor, variety and taste are essential factors for tea lovers. Our primary focus is to go an extra mile to recognize the tea cultivation process from its roots and deliver the highest quality of tea. We strive to have an eye for detail at every step of cultivation, harvesting and processing to distribute the finest quality tea.

Our endeavor is to provide a variety of teas from Assam, flavored Green teas and premium premix teas. We assure to distribute our authentic and extensive tea range with a superior quality and service internationally.

  • Pukka Assam Tea
    Pukka Assam tea is made from the best blends of finest Assam Teas. Its authentic flavor tantalizes your taste buds giving you a spot on feel from Lush Green Assam Tea estates. It can be taken traditionally with milk and sugar or with lukewarm water and dash of lemon. Its inevitable taste gently caresses your senses and can be a perfect start to a good day!
  • Ambrosial Assam Tea
    Ambrosial Assam tea is a perfect blend of rich taste and a beautiful texture handpicked from the luscious tea gardens of Assam. It is an ideal tea usually consumed traditionally due to its antioxidant properties.
  • Gourmet green Tea
    Gourmet green tea is a well-liked choice for its high aroma and mellow taste. Its modern yet sophisticated flavor has a smoothing effect on one’s nervous system.
  • Flavored Green Teas
    For the ones who love experimenting, Vimy Global offers an exotic range of flavored green teas. To know more about our collection of flavored green tea click here.
  • Flavored Premixes Teas
    Vimy Global also deliver wide range of flavored premixes tea. To know more about premixes teas click here.
  • Flavored Iced Teas
    Vimy Global will be soon offering a wide range of premium flavored iced teas. Coming Soon