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Vimy Global

Vimy Global is the home of assorted flavored green teas such as earl grey, peppermint, ginger, lemongrass, thyme, cinnamon, green cardamom and basil tea. Moreover our range of tea is also concentrated on getting the blends of Assam’s pukka tea, Ambrosial Assam tea and Gourmet Green tea from Assam. We specialize in getting the best blends of finest Assam teas, aesthetically packed with heaps of flavor and freshly harvested. Our tea ingredients have been vastly sourced from premium estates and gardens of India.

Vimy Global is also a prominent supplier and wholesaler offering varied flavored premixes teas. These flavored premixes are well-known for their superior quality, aroma, richness, antioxidant contents and taste.

Ice teas provide a good healthy substitute to various forms of carbonated drinks. Ice tea is generally prepared with a variety of fruit flavors and is becoming more popular as a refreshing drink. Vimy Global offer a variety of flavored iced teas catering to all the aspects of quality, flavor and taste.

Our History

Aesthetically speaking Indian meals are a result of thoughtfully sourced ingredients to create a perfect harmony of flavors, aroma, taste, nutrition and presentation. We invest a considerable amount of time in the search of such ingredients based on various qualitative and quantitative factors.

This inspired us and led to the birth of Vimy Global. Vimy Global crafted a single window to meet all the needs related to Indian Tea, Coffee, Spices and Nuts. Vimy Global is pleased to lay down the best of Indian flavors in the trade industry worldwide.

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